Thursday, May 5, 2011

Morning At Swanzey Lake (SOLD)

I grew up spending summers swimming at Swanzey Lake with my mother and sisters, while my father worked. Once in a while, he'd take time off to come with us and let us dive off his shoulders. Those were wonderful carefree days spent on the tranquil lake. We even waited out lightning storms on the pavillion under the protective roof, where on a summer evening, lakeside dances were held. When the storm cleared, we were the only ones at the beach. The sand would be hard and cool from the summer rain. We'd just throw down the blanket and run back in the water, splashing and swimming. Every day, my mother would give us ten cents each to buy a fudgicle at the concession stand located at the bottom corner of the pavillion. Ah, those were the days.

This painting auctioned for $300 for the West Swanzey Community Church steeple fund raiser. It is included in a calendar with other artists' work.

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